I do not support genocide

  1. The Holocaust was real.
  2. The Holodomor was not. Academic historians have no consensus on this and it is not considered a genocide by the U.N.
  3. There is no Ukrainian genocide by Putin.
  4. There were likely some illegal killings of civilians by Russian troops. I condemn these killings.
  5. I support the use of chemical weapons against Azov Battalion members only. Never against regular troops or civilians.
  6. I support the use of tactical nukes if necessary to win the war in Ukraine. But as a last resort.
  7. I do not support the use of strategic nukes in Ukraine. If Russia’s survival is threatened, I do support the use of strategic nukes.
  8. I am against Pol Pot. I am against his killings. They were exaggerated for propaganda purposes, but there were atrocities. I don’t support those. He was an agriculturalist with a genocidal flare.
  9. I also condemn Suharto, who, with the help of the U.S., killed 500K+ communists and the media only focused on Pol Pot.
  10. I do support the measures to root out Nazism as used by those after WWII in Germany. These measures worked. They are called denazification. I support that.
  11. I do not support de-Ukrainization.




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Alexander Finnegan

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