History is a machine gun

Alexander Finnegan
2 min readMay 7, 2022


Everything that disagrees with the West is not “Russian propaganda,” “Soviet apologism,” etc. If you believe that, you are saying, essentially, “my side is ALWAYS right.” Is it? Was the U.S. right about WMD’s in Iraq? Was it right about the fake Snake Island killings? Or the “Ghost of Kiev?”

It is impossible to always be right. But if you self-censor and turn off your brain by engaging in the above fallacy, you are turning yourself into an unthinking automaton. Half of the people won’t even LISTEN to what the other side is saying. That is how dumb and passive the herd has become.

Vilifying those who dare to question the established narrative is standard when they touch a nerve. Now my turn has come. Nobody cared about my communism because it isn’t a threat to the system. But when I started calling for people to protest Biden’s Sanctions and the war then I found myself the subject of an overnight, targeted cancel campaign.

Do you want to be a member of the herd?

Saying I “just hate the West” is a cop out. I do hate the West, but I have many other reasons. Most people don’t trouble themselves to find out why. Too mentally lazy.

Challenging presumptions doesn’t feel good. It is called “cognitive dissonance.” This is natural. But is it logical? No.

Look how Putin, after 22 years, has suddenly “gone insane.” Kind of what they said about Saddam Hussein, who magically “went insane.” Both have “become Hitler.” Really? How convenient.

History is weaponized. Propaganda was used to vilify famous socialists like Stalin. Why would I support someone who is supposedly a “genocidal maniac?” I don’t. When I say “Stalin did nothing wrong and the kulaks deserved it” does that mean I think killing millions of people is cool? Think about it. I am asking you to turn on your fucking brain. Could it be that Stalin and the history of things like the Purges have been lied about? Or the “Holodomor?” It has.